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Spiritual Life Coaching

Hi, everyone! My name is Tamika, but you can call me Mika. I'm a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. But I bring my experience as a Social Worker, Teacher, Writer, Award Winning Author, and Empath to Siriusly Unique Life Coaching.

If you feel like you're not where you want to be, it might be time to speak with a Spiritual Life Coach. A Spiritual Life Coach can assist you on your journey to wholeness. Let me help you reconnect to our Divine Creator and become the best version of yourself.

Siriusly Unique Life Coaching offers services for Adults (Earth Angels) and Adolescents (Teen Angels) ages 13-19, with parental consent for those under 18. However, our prefrontal cortex isn't fully developed until 25, so Teen Angels can be 13-25. 

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Are you overwhelmed? Feeling confused?  Do you feel disconnected from the Divine? If so, don't worry because I got you.

The I Got You
Six Week

Custom Natal Chart Reading

Through your natal chart, you'll discover your life purpose.

Weekly Oracle Card Readings

During each session, you'll have 1-3 cards pulled to provide messages from the Divine.

One-On-One Sessions and Assignments

You'll receive six weekly one-on-one sessions with me during the program. But you'll also complete assignments that suit your particular goals. These activities might include listening to Reiki videos, meditations, journaling prompts, and more.

A Siriusly Unique Experience 

Enjoy intuitive tarot readings, enlightening natal chart readings, and empowering one-on-one sessions.

Tarot Card Spread

Intuitive Tarot Reading

I will connect with Spirit to receive answers to your questions. But remember I do not guarantee any outcome. We all have free will.

Natal Chart

Natal Chart Reading

I will review your natal chart to see what Celestial Bodies say about you and your life purpose.

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Life Coaching Session

I will meet with you virtually through Google Meet for your scheduled session. You have the option to leave the camera on or off.

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My Award-Winning Books

Everything Is Better When Shared, Including Books.

I am blessed to call myself an award-winning author. The topics discussed in my books can help people to improve their current situation. Consider giving them a read.

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Pure Imagination

"If You Want To View Paradise, Simply Look Around And View It. Anything You Want To, Do It. Want To Change The World? There's Nothing, To It." 

Willy Wonka

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